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Your brand is most valuable and needs the right attention

Understanding the core of your business and applying the appropriate tools is our focus.
Your brand is your biggest asset so let people nurture and work with it who understand its mechanics and take the responsibility to treat your brand like their own.

Understanding your goals

It is all about you and your brand. Generating attention and PR for our clients is what makes us happy and successful. Therefore, we take time to understand your business and your goals as this is the basis for everything in our business.

Let's create some magic

There is no ‘one solution’ fits all. Our work is tailor-made and as individual as a fingerprint. With mutual understanding and respect and the freedom to do what we do best we are confident that we can create some magic for your brand.

All elements come together

Successful brand building and PR is not something that comes from just one thing. It is a combination of various elements that come together to build a solid and efficient structure. Our toolbox has all the necessary elements to build this for you.


Percent of our time online is spent on social media sites


Year the first email was sent by Ray Tomlinson to himself


Roughly the number of languages spoken today


Average number of words spoken per day - women and men!


/trəst/ noun, firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something


Red Duck PR works with national and international partners to ensure scalability and expertise in each field required for PR and brand building.